To Soothe Your Monday Blues

What a tough day to go back to work. Yesterday was Easter - you probably had friends or family over, you certainly ate too much, you had to hide (or find) hundreds of eggs, AND you stayed up too late watching MAD MEN (No spoilers! We're waiting for the in-laws to leave Tuesday before we watch!).

You are tired. And do I have just the fix for you. It's a subset of called TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE. And it's a website of user-submitted stuff that looks like other stuff.

Like this for example:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

I've got the giggles over that last one. 

Enjoy perusing alllll of them, and maybe submit your own!**

**Side Note: My husband showed me this website because we were watching basketball this weekend, and I said Coach K from Duke looks like Robin Williams. Am I crazy? I think they totally look alike.