Some Days.

Some days as a mom are rough.

Some days your child has a cold. It breaks your heart to see him sick, and then you get sick, and then everyone is sick and not sleeping well. And so then it breaks you emotionally and physically when you wake up at 1a, 3a, 6a because the poor child's cough keeps him up. Plus he can't eat very much at a time and who are you to deny him nourishment when he needs it most?

Some days your child won't let you do anything other than tend to him. Not eat. Not shower. Not go to the bathroom. Definitely not do laundry, straighten up, or God forbid write. You just need to do the basics like eat, wash yourself, and sleep. When that's a struggle, there's no time for anything else.

Some days you make plans to get out of the house, to meet up with someone else, but it's just not in the cards. The kid isn't having it today. You better just give up and cancel and turn on some crummy daytime television.

Some days you plan everything perfectly in order to get something done, something checked off the to-do list, but the baby doesn't know about your to-do list. And so he wakes up just as you get inside Old Navy, and he screams bloody murder, even though he never screams. And you want to turn to everyone who is looking at you and say, "He's not usually like this. Usually he's very chill! I mean it! He's a very calm baby!" And you don't get to make your returns or buy the new stuff you need (and you really do need it because you don't fit into any of your pre-maternity pants. Or shirts. Or bras.). And so you turn around and leave. But you walked there, and so he screams and screams as you run/walk the mile back to your house. And then he falls back asleep, just when you get far enough away from Old Navy that it would be silly to attempt to go back.

Some days you get crazy and have a Coke or a coffee or even a glass of wine in the afternoon. While you're breastfeeding. Sometimes you have to eat while you're breastfeeding too. Some days the food gets on the baby.

Some days you don't know how to do it.

And then...

And then...

One day he smiles. At you.

And everything is totally one hundred percent absolutely ok.