A Nation United in Love!

**Note: I was traveling and away from a computer for the early part of this week, so my apologies this wasn't on the blog Monday morning, as I had hoped! Better late than never though, right? There's always more time for celebration!


(image courtesty of eonline.com)
Hearing about the ruling is going to be one of those times where you remember exactly where you were. This usually happens for awful things, like 9/11 or Princess Di's car accident. How lovely that this time it's something happy and amazing and wonderful.

As for me, I was sitting in my sister's car while she pumped gas. We were on our way to the mall by ourselves - a special treat for two moms of small babies (and yes, I had "Let's Go to the Mall" in my head the whole time). I was so thrilled I made Kristen stop mid-windshield cleaning and open the door so I could tell her! I was elated. Here's how others around the internet reacted, as well as some fun celebrating from brands too.

But it was only later that the full emotional implications of the ruling sunk in. I cried while nursing my baby boy and reading everything - the articles, Obama's speech, Justice Kennedy's ruling itself. It's a rare and incredible feeling to hold your child and know that the world got better for him that day. My sweet baby can grow up to love - and marry - whomever he chooses. Is there anything more simple and glorious than that?

I know there's still so much more to be done for LGBT rights across America. But this celebration of love - this law abiding respect for love - is an incredible leap forward.

It is truly the definition of a positive affirmation.

PS. Let's go to the mall...today.