Post Three Day Weekend Bits & Bobs

Happy Monday! Are we all moving a little slower today after a nice three day weekend full of fireworks, frosty beverages, and a fantastic U.S. Women's Soccer Team World Cup victory?

Well, say no more. Here's some fun stuff to look at while you pretend you're working.

1. First up, I just found out SNL released a cut sketch featuring my girl Aidy Bryant from the Michael Keaton episode toward the end of the season. Yes, it's true! It's like Christmas in July! Here's the sketch:

2. This amazing comic by Alli Kirkham on perfectly illustrates the concept of consent. It's funny cuz it's funny...and it's funny cuz it's sad and true. I wish they would use something like this to educate young men on consent.

3. Perhaps a bit off topic from my usual bits and bobs, but this one is for you sports lovers out there (especially my Michigan homies). Take a look at this heartbreaking photo essay on the Silverdome (the old home of the Detroit Lions). I spent so many Sundays there as a child with my family creating wonderful memories (even if they rarely included wins). Although I love our new stadium, Ford Field, there will always be a special place in my heart for this big, old, crumbling relic.

4. Props to Natalie Portman for demanding a woman direct her Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic. More details here on (Also, I could not be more excited for this movie!)

5. Another hilarious comic, this one by Amy Kim and shared by Heroic Girls entitled "If Disney Princesses Had Mothers." Oh, these had me LOLing. Or would have, if I hadn't looked at them while nursing my baby in the middle of the night. My favorite is Belle's.

6. Dissolve just released this phenomenal list called The 50 Most Daring Film Roles for Women Since Ripley (meaning Ripley/Sigourney Weaver from Alien, of course). I am crazy about this list for about 652 reasons (or maybe just 50). I love it that Dissolve is celebrating badass depictions of women in film, I love reading what is basically a list of my favorite movies/characters of all time, and I love discovering new movies I've never seen before that have now climbed to the tippy top of my Must See list. A big thanks to my husband for sending this to me!

7. And in honor of yesterday's win, a great piece in The Atlantic (from the start of the World Cup in June) on how we need to include women's sports in the feminist movement. I totes agree!

Hope the rest of your week is peachy keen! Happy July, happy America, happy U.S. Women's Soccer Team!