An Ode to Los Angeles, Served Two Ways.

This city. I'm crazy about it.

There are lots of Los Angeles haters, for all the typical reasons. But I haven't lived in New York, so I don't compare the two. And I never lived in a city with amazing mass transportation, so I don't miss that. (I mean, I grew up in Michigan where they encourage solo driving even more than they do out here. CARS CARS CARS BUY CARS.) I have no problem with the gritty, urban sprawl - when you live just outside of Flint, MI, you're used to that, too.

And as a former Midwesterner, I know Los Angeles is quite beautiful! It's sunny and full of palm trees! The temperature is delightful! The ocean is half an hour away! The mountains are an hour! The desert is two hours! For God sake, my sister lives in Chicago where her daughter hunted for Easter eggs in a temperature of 26 degrees. If that little girl can be happy in 26 degrees (and she can), we should all be over the moon with our 75 degree MLK Day weekends. It's positively delightful here.

Plus, Los Angeles is so much more than its outward appearance (what an ironic sentence to say in a city where, admittedly, we care a lot about looks). Moving out here meant (and still means) realizing a dream to make movies for a living. What a glorious and ridiculous thing - to earn money by creating visual stories. To support my family by making stuff up. To be part of the cultural zeitgeist while bringing home the bacon. That's bananas! We mustn't ever forget what a luxury it is that we get to do this!

I know I'm rambling. I know I'm re-treading ground many have tread before. I'm still figuring out how to put my love for Los Angeles into fresh and poetic words. In the meantime, read the two columns below. If you combine them, you get my sentiments on this city. Check them out:

Wall Street Journal's Joe Queenan on the Joys of Los Angeles.

Cameron Esposito's take on working in LA (via her A.V. Club column).

Los Angeles! You're fantastic! And I love you.