You Are Exactly Where You Should Be.

Here's a keeper:

I posted this Monday on Instagram and it's been rolling around in my head ever since. I just keep thinking about how basically 99.9% of humanity feels, as Mark Sutton says, behind. Isn't that sad? It's such a bummer that we ALL spend a LOT of our lives thinking we are "supposed" to be doing something else...something better. 

We are "supposed" to be married by now. Have children. Make more money. Have a better job with a fancier title. Own a home. Have a better degree. Have learned how to scuba dive or sail or golf.  Have more friends. Be more experienced in our field. Have slept with more people. Have traveled more. Have tried more foods. Own a boat or a better car or maybe three cars. Be more successful.

ACCORDING TO WHO, THOUGH? Your parents? Your friends? People on social media? Your own mind? Ugh, all those people (including yourself) are such a drag. A drag with arbitrary life deadlines. 

I think listening to Mark Sutton's advice is how we achieve happiness. It's about being mindful of the moment. It's about enjoying what you have and being comfortable where you are as you strive for the next thing (whatever that thing may be for you). Yes, it's good to look ahead, to work towards that next rung on the ladder, but there's something to be said for enjoying the rung you're on too! It's a very nice rung! And you're there with lots of very nice people who love you.

Anyway, it's something I'm working on. Having this little baby helps. I can't help but be in the now. But when we were trying for a baby, you can bet your baby booties (the ones you bought and you're going to send me) I felt like I was lagging big time. And I'm certain when I get back to work and start thinking about my career again that I'll be feeling behind after taking all this maternity leave.

But I have to try to not do that! I have to embrace the now and go from there. Because there's nothing wrong with where we are. 

After all, what (or who) am I trying to catch up to anyway?