Your Friday Distraction - Movies!

Summer movie season is upon us! The biggest challenge thus far with having a baby is figuring out how Brandon and I can still see all the movies we want to see in the theater. :o) He has already gotten out to see Furious 7, and you better BELIEVE I'm seeing Pitch Perfect 2 opening weekend. And of course we've agreed our first night out together will be to see Jurassic World in June. Like any sane person would (and should. and will.).

Here are two super cool movie-based distractions for your Friday afternoon.

First, from Distractify, here are 50 photos of actors behind the scenes on set.

These are not just fun; they're also surprisingly heart warming and inspiring. Let's all be friends and make movies together! It looks like a magical, wonderful time (which it is...but it's also very hard.).

Some of my favorite include this one of Spielberg washing E.T.

And this one from when they shot the MGM logo (!?!?!?! cool!).

Second, here's a supercut of opening and closing movie frames.

You can go to the link but I'll also just post the supercut for you right here. It's fun to make a game of it and see how many movies you can identify. But it also stands alone as a lovely, well constructed tribute to it and let the beautiful imagery wash over you! Dang, these people sure know how to make pretty movies!

First and Final Frames from Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend! Hope you find time to watch lots of movies! And let me know what summer movies you are most excited to see!