Your New Favorite Monday Read.

I'm always trying to find ways to make Mondays a little allowing myself to buy coffee instead of making it...or letting myself do nothing on my (non-work) to do list...or taking a bit of a longer lunch...or having a glass of wine after dinner...(I know. I'm so crazy. I just splurge, I can't help myself.)

But this column I just stumbled upon is truly the cat's pajamas of Monday Happy-Boosting Splurges. It's called GET THAT LIFE, and it's delightful! It's a weekly series of in-depth interviews with successful women talking about how they got to where they are now.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez co-wrote the music and lyrics for FROZEN.
And the women are so diverse - they come from all walks of life and are successful in all sorts of arenas. From Frozen composer and lyricist Kristen Anderson-Lopez to the sommelier Chantelle Pabros, from Style Me Pretty website creator Abby Larson to championship boxer Mikaela Mayer, the interviews are inspiring, thought provoking, and a real celebration of hard work. It's so much fun to read about where these women came from and how they achieved their dreams!

They are almost all penned by Heather Wood Rudulph, who is probably my new favorite person and role model. Heather Wood Rudulph is killing it as a journalist and writer focusing on women and culture with a feminist slant. She's the co-founder of the online magazine Sexy Feminist and, in addition to Cosmopolitan, writes for Huffington Post, Elle, The Guardian, and many more websites that we all go to all the time. Follow her on twitter here

Incidentally, today's interview focuses on world-famous blogger, Heather B. Armstrong, founder of Sure, Heather and I are on different paths to world-famous bloggerdom (I'm just assuming my inevitable rise to fame here), but I can't wait to read it and be inspired by this kick ass woman making it in this industry!

Be sure to bookmark Get That Life to read every Monday!

And have a super great week.