In Case You Need a Happy Cry Today

This video by Field Day and Cut is absolutely lovely.


Oh goodness. Are you crying all over your desk right now like I am? Gosh, I had so many reactions and feelings about this.

My first reaction was I love my husband. And I love growing old with him.

My second reaction was I love LOVE. It's hard to visually capture the feeling of love, but I think you can see it in the way these two react to each other through the ages. Oh, it fills my heart with joy to see love like that! And it fills me with faith that there is someone out there for everyone. Even if you aren't in a relationship right now, trust that you will find this happiness with someone someday and it will be remarkable. 

My third reaction was our bodies aging is just a sign of a life lived with love. And this one truly hit home right now, as I am dealing with a postpartum body that doesn't exactly look like it did when Brandon and I first fell in love nine years ago. But now instead I have my beautiful baby boy...and we have learned to love on a deeper level than I could have ever imagined. These stretch marks and extra pounds are just signs of a life full of happiness and love! And as this video shows, love not only endures those signs and changes, but perhaps grows stronger because of them.

(Man, turns out I needed that reminder. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm still going to avoid mom haircuts and obsess over my Fitbit. But I'll also try harder to celebrate my badass baby-making body instead of being annoyed with it.)

Major thanks to Angela for sharing and making me cry like a little baby the four times I watched it.