This Week's Bits & Bobs

Oh, it's been so long since I've posted some bits and bobs! Let alone some delightfully badass feminist stuff! Let's do a quick round-up of the internet with a dash of #WomenCrushWednesday thrown in, shall we?

Have you all seen Amy Schumer's speech when she received the Trailblazer of the Year Award at the Glamour awards? Warning, it's definitely not safe for work. :o) She's pro-woman, pro-real-bodies, pro-being-yourself, and obviously pro-laugh-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants. The best part is when she talks about posing for Glamour vs. other magazines. Enjoy:

youtube link:

Speaking of gorgeous women who tell it like it is and get recognized for it, here's Miss Piggy explaining, in her own words, why she deserves the Sackler Center First Award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum (as if there was any doubt!).

Fun Home tells the story of a young woman grappling with her sexuality 
and her father's suicide (image courtesy of Variety).
And more awards for more awesome ladies! Women swept the Tony Awards this past Sunday for their heartwrenching and beautiful work on Broadway. Most notably Fun Home, based on Alison Bechdel's graphic novel/memoir, won Best New Musical (you may remember Alison Bechdel as the originator of the Bechdel Test). Fun Home is a triumph for women both in front of and behind the curtain - it features Broadway's first lesbian main character, and its female writing team Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori won for Best Original Score, making them the first ever all-female writing team to do so. WOW! More info here on

Here's a humorous and sweet blog I wish I had written entitled To My Friends Who Became Mothers Before Me from Scary Mommy (which is also the funniest blog out there, by the way).

And remember our good friend, Natalia Provatas? She had two fantastic pieces published this week. The first is a bittersweet coming-of-age essay called On Being a Tomboy. The second is a humorous look into her dating - and gynecological - life called I'm 28 Years Old and I've Never Been to the Gynecologist. Both are must reads!

Lastly, here's a super fun list from Buzzfeed - and it doesn't even have any crazy gifs! It's called 51 TV Writers Reveal Their Favorite Thing They've Ever Written. It's so fun when your favorite moments match up with theirs. And even when they don't...because it's neat to see what innocuous moment is their favorite and why.

And here's a gif treat because Buzzfeed didn't give us any:


JURASSIC WORLD COMES OUT THIS WEEKEND, YOU GUYS! So have a great rest of the week because you have that to look forward to!